Bean Chat 06/02/2000\

 [15:07:25] Righty [] has joined #lexx  [15:07:30] <Cat> righty! 

[15:07:31] <DarkTazz> Righty!! 

[15:07:32] <meltdown> hey righty 

[15:07:32] <sadgeezer> WHOA lefty dude!! 

[15:07:33] <Rachel> Greetings 

[15:07:33] <Fishbone> hey Righty 

[15:07:34] DarkTazz huggles 

[15:07:36] <Cat> you made it:) 

[15:07:38] <Righty> Hi Ho 

[15:07:40] <Knas> Hey Righty! 

[15:07:44] <Luthien> heya right:)) 

[15:07:55] <Pat> hi ya, Righty! :) 

[15:08:00] <Amyzon> Hi Righty 

[15:08:00] <del> hi Righty 

[15:08:08] <del> and hello Paul? 

[15:08:08] <Nightgaunt> Hiya. 

[15:08:24] <sadgeezer> how the hell are you righty? 

[15:08:28] Amyzon passes around the pineapple juice 

[15:08:46] <Righty> Well, I'm here with Paul Donovan and our special guest... the man in black... Michael McManus 

[15:08:52] del faints 

[15:08:54] <sadgeezer> cool :-))  [

15:08:54] <del> heheheh 

[15:08:55] <Pat> oooh... hi ya, guys :) 

[15:08:57] <Cass> LOL 

[15:09:02] <Amyzon> oh man! 

[15:09:03] <DarkTazz> Hi Paul and Michael 

[15:09:03] del wakes up and grins and waves instead! 

[15:09:05] <Amyzon> Hello guys 

[15:09:06] DarkTazz waves 

[15:09:08] Nightgaunt gets all starstruck and whatnot. :) 

[15:09:09] eob5 drowns ;) 

[15:09:10] <Lexxbabe> Hi 

[15:09:13] Knas waves to Paul Donovan and Michael McManus..

 [15:09:14] Cass waves hi 

[15:09:23] <sadgeezer> Righty - could you ask MM if he is going to bonk 790!? 

[15:09:28] <Burntime> :) 

[15:09:30] <Pat> LOL, SG! 

[15:09:35] <DarkTazz> Sad! 

[15:09:36] <Soulgrinder> lol @ sg  [

15:09:38] Amyzon hands Paul, Lexx and MM a spiked pineapple juice  [15:10:25] <Rachel> Okay guys ... Beans chat is in here ... 

[15:10:29] <Righty> Michael has long been having an affair with 790, on and off the set... we thought you knew... 

[15:10:35] <LordBlaa> lol 

[15:10:39] <Soulgrinder> lol 

[15:10:44] <Knas> ROFLOL! 

[15:10:49] <del> that explains a lot.. 

[15:10:51] <sadgeezer> Righty, did they use tongues?? 

[15:10:52] <Amyzon> Oh man...there go the droolers. 

[15:11:01] <Amyzon> lol 

[15:11:03] <del> getting it somewhere else already;) 

[15:11:13] <sadgeezer> haha del 

[15:11:29] Pat is not deterred, with a robot head for competition ;)  [15:11:31] <del> I would try  [

15:12:39] <del> alas...didnt' see yet! 

[15:12:43] <del> waiting on Space 

15:12:25] <Dragonfly> oh, are Paul nd Lex here? 

[15:12:32] <Righty> Oui oui 

[15:11:28] <Rachel> K guys, channel's going into moderated mode 

[15:11:46] <Rachel> Alright, the chat is moderated now 

[15:12:09] <Righty> Paul: what did you think of the show? 

[15:13:35] <LordBlaa> in reply to your question, paul: F'ing brilliant!!  [15:13:42] <Burntime> I loved the show - very Flash Gordon ending too :)  [15:13:48] <Dragonfly> it was excellent 

[15:13:58] <Dragonfly> I screamed at the end 

[15:14:00] <SEclipse> A little slow! 

[15:14:00] <Milk-Boy> :) 

[15:14:01] <LordBlaa> lol 

[15:14:19] <sadgeezer> Paul, Lex: the show was really cool - excellent graphics and eary spooky and scary opening

 [15:14:32] <LordBlaa> wonderfull job paul!  [

15:14:58] <Dragonfly> Paul, Lex and Michael, it was fantastic 

[15:15:27] <Lexxbabe> It was really freaky 

[15:17:22] <Dragonfly> I think this looks scrummy, I cant wait to see whats going to happen next :)) 

[15:18:08] <IMF2000> id like to thank you guys for making somthing special happen for me, i cant say what but thnaks!!! 

[15:18:21] <SEclipse> this series looks like there will be more of a character development! 

[15:13:29] <Righty> Okay, Paul and MM and I are to answer your dripping questions 

[15:13:43] <Cat> I've got one... what universe did the insect wars take place in?  [

15:14:09] <Righty> The Insect Wars took place in the Light Universe  [15:14:21] <Cat> thanks:) just what I wanted to hear!:) 

[15:13:52] <starbuck> how about if the lexx is hungry and can't move what is powering the Lexx and the Cryo tubes? 

[15:14:15] <LordBlaa> i guess it doesn't need power to keep cool... 

[15:14:19] <LordBlaa> they are in space 

[15:14:49] <Righty> The Lexx is using a tiny bit of reserve power left in its weapon system 

[15:15:02] <starbuck> what for 3 millenia?? 

[15:15:06] LordBlaa agrees 

[15:15:12] <Cat> it's a big weapon system... 

[15:15:13] <LordBlaa> the lexx is in space... space is cold 

[15:15:24] <LordBlaa> space is the coldest thing 

[15:15:26] <DarkTazz> Lexx has good fuel economy? 

[15:15:37] <starbuck> fuel it ran out ages ago  [15:14:15] <Nightgaunt> Question of my own -- impatient I know, but are there any ideas flying around for Season 4? 

[15:15:14] <Righty> Nightgaunt - absolutely 

[15:14:43] <Soulgrinder> hmm, something i always wondered, what kind of material is kai's clothes made off?? 

[15:16:11] <Righty> Soulgrinder - Kai's clothes are made from Unobtanium (Michael adds "commonly used for hookrugs in Nova Scotia")  [15:16:21] <Dragonfly> lol 

[15:16:25] <Amyzon> hehehe 

[15:16:28] <Soulgrinder> lol @ Righty 

[15:16:01] <Ads49> there an eta when season 3 is coming to the US?  [15:17:04] <Righty> Ads 49 - SciFi are thinking about it right now...  [15:17:22] <Ads49> Righty..make them air them in order :) 

[15:16:19] <DarkTazz> Lexx, Paul can you lean on Space to start airing season 3 in Canada soon? 

[15:17:29] <Righty> DarkTazz - No, sorry 

[15:16:30] <Nightgaunt> Bit of a left-field one here... what sort of music do you listen to? I gathered there's quite a musical background among much of the cast... 

[15:18:41] <Righty> Lex listens to Cajun music and backed-up plumbing.... Paul listens to German children songs... Michael listens to TripHopPop and Gregorian chants

 [15:17:00] <sadgeezer> Righty, why aren't you lefty? is your arm sore?  [15:19:13] <Righty> SadGeezer - the best thing about the right arm is that it feels like someone's left arm 

[15:19:24] <sadgeezer> hehe, that's kinky

[15:19:29] <IMF2000> hehe

 [15:19:49] <sadgeezer> you feel my right arm anyday ;-)

 [15:17:17] <Knas> To Michael, do you ever use the brace for privat use? :-)  [15:19:50] <Righty> Knas - Michael sez: "Only after a hard day of shooting for hard sssssatisfaction...." 

[15:18:47] <sadgeezer> Paul, Lex: will there be the full complement of episodes or does season 3 run only to 13!? 

[15:20:51] <Righty> Geezer - Season 3 is only 13 

[15:22:13] <sadgeezer> only 13 :-(( oh poo (NewKate says hi to Lex, and Paul and everyone by the way) 

[15:22:35] <SJJ> 13 is that definite? No optional extras? 

[15:24:54] <Righty> SJJ - Paul sez "They're all shot now" 

[15:25:53] <SJJ> does having just 13 affect the number for series 4 - i thought you were planning 2 series of 20? 

[15:30:01] <Righty> SJJ - Paul sez "We're at the mercy of networks"  [15:18:49] <Lexxbabe> So, why did Xev's hair grow, and not Stans?  [15:19:22] <SEclipse> maybe because she is part cluster lizard 

[15:19:30] <Morrow> Oestrogen 

[15:21:30] <Righty> LexxBabe - Stan got hair implants when he was a Deputy Back-Up Courier 

[15:19:03] <spike-e> does mm like music by ERA 

[15:21:55] <Righty> spike -e : Michael sez "Who is ERA?" 

[15:22:28] <spike-e> R-To MM it's like chants but with moden music too, really good! 

[15:20:06] <Amyzon> Lex: this has been a question lately....Is Xev fertile?  [15:20:37] <Amyzon> Lex:...and will she lay eggs? 

[15:21:14] <spike-e> oh liccle Xevs cute in a scary way, do u pet them or not  [15:22:45] <Righty> Amyzon - Xev does not know whether she is fertile or not. 

[15:23:05] <Milk-Boy> easy answer.. 

[15:20:49] <sadgeezer> Can Paul or Lex confirm that there will be a Kai blow up doll merchandise.. 

[15:21:06] <sadgeezer> and that all you are waiting for is the vibrating frozen sausage? 

[15:21:07] <del> how about a Kai bodypillow? 

[15:21:16] <Morrow> and pineapple kaisicles! 

[15:21:30] <Pat> Kai hair products :) 

[15:23:28] <Righty> Geezer - is there a demand for a blow-up doll? What accessories should come with it? 

[15:23:38] <Morrow> lots of leather attachments 

[15:23:47] <DarkTazz> LOL@morrow 

[15:23:47] <Dragonfly> an inflatable Kai? too right!

[15:21:36] <Dragonfly> Michael - does Kai get to go wild again this series?  [15:24:18] <Righty> Dragonfly - Michael sez "Not exactly, but he gets a bit physically cranky at times" 

[15:23:13] <Kassidy> Righty, btw, where is Hierschfield? 

[15:25:38] <Righty> Hirschfield is in my basement at present, hooked up to a slow IV drip 

[15:23:22] <Xan> Lex an co. how many eps will Lyekka be in? any? 

[15:25:54] <Righty> Xan - Paul sez "Two" 

[15:23:24] <Nightgaunt> I've not read much of the preview blurb (for shame!) but are we going to see any characters from previous eps again? Despite their horrible deaths... 

[15:26:13] <Righty> Nightgaunt - Paul sez "Death is never final on Lexx"  [15:23:57] <SEclipse> does xev get jealous this series! 

[15:24:42] <SEclipse> i saw some photos of her confronting may 

[15:27:00] <Righty> SEclipse - Lex sez "You know what chicks are like"  [15:24:09] <del> Righty.....will there be equal erm....sexual opportunities in this series? 

[15:27:51] <Righty> del - Paul sez "There's much more sex, especially in 'Boomtown' " ... Michael sez "But it's not equal"... Lex sez "It never is"  [15:28:01] <del> :))  [15:28:05] <del> very true:) 

[15:24:22] <del> like for Lexx ever going to meet a cute galactic Ladybug? 

[15:29:01] <Righty> del - Michael sez "Everyone has suggested that, so with the Not-So-Divine Shadow's perversity it probably won't happen"  [15:29:21] <del> ;) 

[15:24:56] <Ads49> are you guys planing on releasing the movies on dvd in the us/uk? 

[15:29:33] <Righty> Ads49 - Paul sez "Probably"

 [15:26:12] <Briseis> How many seasons of Lexx can we expect before it comes to a complete end? 

[15:30:35] <Righty> Briseis - Paul sez "One more maximum, before I come to a complete end" 

[15:26:36] <Knas> Lex, will there come a ep with Kai's evil twin? Another Brunnen-G? 

[15:31:23] <Righty> Knas - Michael sez "In the 13 eps, there are plenty of Dark Zone Doppelgangers for you to muse over 

[15:27:01] <SEclipse> why has louise wischermann been signed up for another eps 

[15:32:21] <Righty> SEclipse - Paul sez "She grows on you" 

[15:27:12] <Dragonfly> Lex - are you apearing in any episodes? 

[15:32:41] <Righty> Dragonfly - Yes, I will be playing Doc Rainbow in Tunnels 

[15:27:28] <hockey> michael are u doing any other t.v. stuff soon? 

[15:33:14] <Righty> hockey - Michael sez "Uhhh, no. Why are you a producer??" 

[15:27:32] <starbuck> will we meet the people near the centre of the universe again (the floating theatre)? 

[15:33:37] <Righty> Starbuck - The theatre has been closed 

[15:34:12] <starbuck> :(

[15:27:39] <cairn> What happened to Xev's wig? :)

 [15:34:14] <Righty> cairn - Paul sez "We sold it o the new Pippi Longstocking production"

 [15:27:51] <bio-vizier> what happened to all the 790 nd mantrid drones?  [15:34:44] <Righty> bio-vizier - the drones are in the Light Zone. Lexx eats all the trash on board

 [15:27:57] <spike-e> righty whose idea was it to give people tongue knecklaces and is it a hint of the fashions to come in summer:) 

[15:35:42] <Righty> spike-e - Michael points out that Lex is wearing a tongue necklace right now

 [15:36:17] <spike-e> MM-wow could i wear a finger one, we could start off a trend:) 

[15:28:00] <Nightgaunt> Question for MM: aside from the regular cast, which actors/actresses have you most enjoyed working with aboard the Lexx, and, 'cause there might be differences, which characters did you find most fun to play off against?

 [15:37:11] <Righty> Nightguant - MM sez "the actors who come on Lexx are all good. This year it was particularly intimate working with Patricia Zentilli, and Lenore Zann (who I've been naked onstage with) is okay. But nobody can replace Wist"

 [15:28:34] <Mac> Is there any particular actor you would like to appear in the show? 

[15:38:51] <Righty> Mac - Paul sez "We want to get Lee Majors. Singing." MM sez "Peter O'Toole, even if he's on life support", and Lex sez "Wallace Beery" 

[15:29:05] <hockey> michael which ep is the shower scene? 

[15:39:23] <Righty> hockey - the showeer scene is in Gametown, Episode number 3 

[15:29:53] <bio-vizier> Anyone- will there ever be a lexx film in the cinemas??? 

[15:31:49] <Righty> bio-vizier - Paul sez "That would be nice" 

[15:32:14] <alick> tell paul i more than agree, i watched star wars, and the opening sequence 

[15:32:19] <alick> made me want a lexx film 

[15:40:40] <Righty> bio-vizier - Paul sez "We hope so" 

[15:30:06] <sadgeezer> Paul, Lex, MM - Does Lyekka return in Season 3?  [15:41:03] <Righty> SGeezer - Yes, Lyekka returns 

[15:30:35] <SEclipse> for one eps sad!

 [15:41:11] <sadgeezer> cool :-))))))))))))))))

 [15:41:19] <SEclipse> eps 9 i think! 

[15:41:19] <Mat> Yay 

[15:41:21] <starbuck> she get planted I think 

[15:41:41] Morrow watches SG get all hot and bothered with 'lyekka thoughts' 

[15:42:06] <SEclipse> Lets hope she wearing the outfit from twilight!  [15:30:27] <bio-vizier> paul, lex, mm, what about that satellite dj?  [15:30:30] <bio-vizier> did he die? 

[15:41:35] <Righty> bio-vizier - He's off the air 

[15:30:53] <starbuck> what do u think about the reception Lexx recieved when it was aired in the USA? 

[15:42:35] <Righty> starbuck - Paul sez "A lot of people are calling it porn, so clearly they are adding new scenes, which I would like to have"  [15:43:14] <Amyzon> rofl 

[15:43:19] <IMF2000> porn? yeah right! I think its jsut right guys :)  [15:31:18] <Knas> Lex, will there come a ep with Kai's evil twin? Another Brunnen-G? 

[15:31:23] <Righty> Knas - Michael sez "In the 13 eps, there are plenty of Dark Zone Doppelgangers for you to muse over 

[15:31:56] <Knas> LOL 

[15:31:30] <Mat> is the US Sci-fi channel going to completely miss the first 3 episodes of series 2?

 [15:44:38] <Righty> Mat - Paul thinks they are going to show them starting in March 

[15:32:12] <SEclipse> what gets me though that the yanks are saying lexx=softporn? 

[15:41:20] <Righty> SEclipse - Paul sez "amusing" 

[15:32:14] <spike-e> Righty-do any of the cast ever take peices of set home to decorate their houses? 

[15:45:50] <Righty> spike-e - MM sez "The sets are highly toxic"  [15:33:08] <Dragonfly> Paul - will you ever have a part in Lexx? 

[15:46:29] <Righty> Dragonfly - Paul sez "I only do naked parts"... Lex sez "Yes, very small parts" 

[15:46:35] <Milk-Boy> heh :) 

[15:46:37] <sadgeezer> :-)) 

[15:46:40] <IMF2000> :-) 

[15:46:41] <Dragonfly> LOL 

[15:46:42] <Knas> :-) 

[15:46:51] <IMF2000> at least hes modest! :) 

[15:47:00] starbuck laughs 

[15:47:03] <del> he's consistent;) 

[15:33:17] <Mac> So Micheal how do you think your Character has grown over the three years of the show? 

[15:46:48] <Righty> Mac - MM sez "I don't think he's grown at all"  [15:33:23] <sadgeezer> Paul, Lex and MM (and SEclipse :-) Will you be shooting season 4 when we all arrive in August? 

[15:34:08] <SEclipse> what ya' doing in august another un-con! 

[15:34:33] <sadgeezer> I think so - threatened to decend upon Hali again this year? - you not heard? 

[15:47:05] <Righty> SGeezer - we just don't know yet 

[15:47:33] <sadgeezer> ok thanks Righty - I guess it's hard erm.. to predict the future ;-) 

[15:35:16] <GreenAum> Is there anywhere I might get an outfit like Kai's? What inspired it?

 [15:45:15] <Righty> GreenAum - Check out NovaScotiaHookrugs.Com  [15:46:17] <GreenAum> there's some sort of error, I can't find the site for some reason. 

[15:35:22] <Mat> Paul - do you dissagree with the handling of the series in the US?

 [15:47:52] <Righty> Mat - Paul sez "They do what they do" 

[15:36:07] <DarkTazz> Lex, Paul and Michael, will you go to the Shoe and have a beer and nachos for some of us poor souls who miss the place?  [15:48:17] <Righty> DarkTazz - "Yup" 

[15:48:24] <DarkTazz> Cool thank you

[15:37:11] <Nightgaunt> (flapping bat-wings as he speaks) Paul... (thanks for your kind words about my guide to the League of 20,000 planets all those months ago, btw) -- have you read any stuff by H.P. Lovecraft at all? If so, what do you think of his work? 

[15:48:44] <Righty> NightGaunt - Paul sez "I can't read" 

[15:37:26] <Dragonfly> Michael - do you ever come to the #Lexx chat in disguise? 

[15:49:13] <Righty> Dragonfly - Michael sez "Never. I'm off line and homeless"

[15:49:24] <Dragonfly> Awww! 

[15:49:43] sunfish starts a collection for MM 

[15:49:44] DarkTazz wonders how long before someone offers MM a home?  [15:50:12] <sadgeezer> Take plenty of pinapple juice MM! 

[15:50:22] <Morrow> LOL@SG 

[15:50:13] spike-e says Mm can sleep under her bed and keep da bad monsters away:) 

[15:49:51] <Lexxbabe> Michael, would you like to live on something like the Lexx? 

[16:03:15] <Righty> Lexxbabe - MM sez "In universes like the Lexx's universes, it seems like the safest place to be"  [

15:50:29] <Cat> Oh Michael, any chance of you finally settling down and getting online? 

[16:03:37] <Righty> Cat - MM sez "Nope" 

[15:37:34] <SEclipse> What's the best bar in Toronto to go to? 

[15:49:41] <Righty> SEClipse - MM sez "Ted's Barcode and Wrecking Yard on College Street:" 

[15:50:01] <SEclipse> Thanks MM! 

[15:38:06] <Xan> will Lex and Jeffrey ever do a Lundo and Gink cameo in Lexx? 

[15:39:51] <Righty> Xan - Lundo and Gink were killed in Alaska Flight 261 

[15:40:10] <Xan> that's a shame 

[15:38:18] <Dragonfly> Paul and Lex - will the crew ever find happiness?  [15:50:19] <Righty> Dragonfly - Define happiness... MM sez "The crew are looking for good government" 

[15:37:32] Mira raises hand... 

[15:38:51] Mira just wants to know where the Wist costume is stashed...:)  [15:39:11] Knas smiles at Mira.. 

[15:39:41] sadgeezer snuggles up to NewKate and watches Righty become ambidextrous 

[15:39:41] <SJJ> Paul, MM and Lex: Does Xev love Kai or is it really just pure honest lust?

 [15:51:17] <Righty> SJJ - MM sez "She used to love Kai but now it's just a habit" 

[15:39:56] <GreenAum> do Stan or 790 get to kill anybody in this series?  [15:52:04] <Righty> GreenAum - Stan tries to kill people in the next episode. 790 gets to go big in Season 4 (if it ever happens) 

[15:52:39] <GreenAum> righty - coooool! Obviously the word "tries" is key there

 [15:40:51] <Mat> MM does that brace really work or is it edited with CG?  [15:52:37] <Righty> Mat - MM sez "Unbelievably, the sardine can seems to work all on its own" 

[15:44:31] <DarkTazz> So Righty (all 3) yah like pineapple? 

[15:57:18] <Righty> DTazz - Pineapple? What does she look like?  [15:44:59] <del> You chaps ever been to Bali? 

[15:58:03] <Righty> del - Paul sez "Bali? What's her address?" 

[15:41:18] <Mac> Has the Lexx fully grown? 

[15:52:54] <Righty> Mac - No, the Lexx is not fully grown 

[15:41:30] <Cat> Any chance of Wist coming back in a later series?  [15:53:06] <Righty> Cat - Ask her agent 

[15:42:26] <Dragonfly> Michael - does Kai get his emotions back, even for a while? 

[15:53:51] <Righty> Dragonfly - MM sez "No" 

[15:42:28] <SEclipse> Is the lexx Asexual?

 [15:54:21] <Righty> SEclipse - Paul sez "Lexx is all man"... MM sez "Except in Germany, where he's all girl"

 [15:42:45] <GreenAum> Are Kai and 790 robo-sexuals? 

[15:55:16] <Righty> Green Aum - Robo-sexuals? 

[15:42:46] <Groovy> Righty - is there less use of CGI in series three ?  [15:55:26] <Righty> Groovy - No 

[15:43:54] <Knas> Righty(all 3), Will ever be eny filming in europe(around Sweden)? So we may visit and shake your hands. :-) 

[15:56:05] <Righty> Knas - we just shot in Berlin. Where's Sweden?  [16:00:34] <Knas> Sweden:  [15:44:06] <Tyrant> Will this new series be as dark as the first, the 1st was the best imvho cause it was sexy and funny, but very dark too 

[15:56:30] <Righty> Tyrant - Serioes 3 is darker than series 2  [15:44:12] <sadgeezer> PAUL: how do you react to the bad press LEXX is getting in the US 9cos of Sci Fi's stupid airing of the episodes out  of sequence!!! :-( 

[15:56:59] <Righty> Geezer - the bad press is amusing 

[15:57:56] <sadgeezer> Righty - well re:bad press, the Good press is doing pretty good too :-))

[15:57:39] <Righty> The ratings are good in the US, so far. 

[15:58:03] <Burntime> ominous 'so far' there... 

[15:46:21] <spike-e> So Righty and (3) wots your favourite snacks while doing the show 

[15:58:55] <Righty> spike-e - Paul sez "Pineapple"... Michael sez "unsalted crackers", Lex sez "Ground-up Latvians" 

[15:46:23] <Mat> Paul - as Sci-fi bought the series does that really mean they can then do anything with it? for example cut, re-order and miss episodes? 

[15:59:13] <Righty> Mat - Paul sez "They added porn scenes" 

[15:59:20] <sadgeezer> hehe 

[15:47:09] <SEclipse> Is the character of Stanley somewhat more braver in this series! 

[15:59:46] <Righty> SEclipse - MM "Not a bit" (re: Stan's bravery)  [15:59:48] <sunfish> all: do you ever read the bored list? 

[16:12:58] <Righty> sunfish - Yup, sometimes 

[15:48:33] <Soulgrinder> Righty: what effect does the collapse of the light universe have on the dark zone? 

[16:01:00] <Righty> Soulgrinder - Paul sez "None" 

[15:48:44] <IMF2000> <righty> What other insperations were there for lexx? 

[16:01:27] <Righty> IMF2000 - The Bizet-Hartt commission on sexual harrassment 

[15:48:48] <SJJ> Any interesting merchandise plans (blow up Kai's aside)?  [16:01:45] <Righty> Sjj - Paul sez "We think so" 

[15:49:21] <Mac> How easy was it to find funding for the show?  [16:02:05] <Righty> Mac - Paul sez "It's never easy" 

[15:49:41] <SEclipse> What was budget for this series?

[16:02:35] <Righty> SEclipse - Paul sez "9.4 million Canadian plus 10 million DM" 

[15:51:58] <Mat> Paul - I was slightly dissapointed with the series 2 premiere, why was it so slow? 

[16:04:08] <Righty> Mat - Paul sez "they were playing the tape at the wrong speed" 

[15:52:17] <Mac> Which areas of the show or production side would you most like to improve? 

[16:04:43] <Righty> Mac - Paul sez "The writing and the producing and the directing" Lexx sez "The snacks" 

[15:53:47] <Mat> Paul - have you ever thought about bringing back Eva for a guest appearance? 

[16:05:32] <Righty> Mat - Good idea (re:Eva) 

[15:54:19] <Nightgaunt> Paul and Lex -- one last question before I go (damn this account!) -- any chance of getting me the number of Dieter Laser's voice coach? I'd love to be able to talk like that, sad man that I am. :)  [16:06:21] <Righty> Nightgaunt - It's an illness. MM sez "Dieter practises with a wine cork between his teeth" 

[15:54:28] <alice7024> Paul: Any plans to do prequels to series 1 i.e. The Insect wars 

[16:06:52] <Righty> For Alice 2074 - We did the backstory of 790, and it might show up on UK video or something 

[15:54:38] <Mac> How did you guys ever get sick enough imaginations to come up with Lexx? 

[16:07:22] <Righty> Mac - Lex sez "A terrible childhood and an open liquor cabinet" 

[15:54:41] <Milk-Boy> righty - what about getting sci-fi to put all the lexx eps on a website so ppl can veiw them when they want (ie for ppl who dont have sci-fi) 

[16:07:47] <Righty> Milk-Boy "We'll suggest that to them" 

[15:55:23] <Mac> I believe that CH5 in the UK will be showing S3 later this year 

[15:55:44] <Milk-Boy> but i want it now :) 

[15:56:09] <SEclipse> Series 2 on C5 repeated on feb 22, probably early july on c5 for series 3 

[15:55:42] <sadgeezer> Lex and Paul: Does Jeff H write any of the episodes in season three?

 [16:08:03] <Righty> Geezer - no

[15:55:55] <Cat> Paul, is there any chance of the Lexx book that was talked about getting written? 

[16:08:59] <Righty> Cat - Paul sez "Not much"

[15:56:49] <GreenAum> how much writing input do the cast get into the series now? Has it increased since the start? Oh yeah and I loved "Lafftrak", it goes down with "The Twilight Zone" as a piece of classic TV.  [16:09:58] <Righty> GreenAum - Paul sez "None of the cast can write." MM sez "That puts us on an equal footing with the writers" 

[15:57:11] <del> Righty....have you and Paul had any ideas about and ending for Lexx? 

[16:10:12] <Righty> Del - Paul sez "Yes" 

[15:57:16] <AA> Why the darker tone in series 3? 

[16:10:25] <Righty> AA - we're in the dark zone 

[15:58:07] <spike-e> Righty-whose idea was it to have people with hooks on their heads? was this a childhood experience or the work of a hypa imagination! 

[16:11:34] <Righty> spike-e - Paul sez "There's plenty of extras in Dartmouth Nova Scotia with their own hooks" 

[15:58:52] <Mac> one for MM, do you play practical jokes on your fellow actors on the set? 

[16:12:01] <Righty> Mac - MM sez "No" 

[15:59:23] Mira pokles Righty and wonders about the whereabouts of the Wist costume again...:P 

[15:59:35] <Mat> Paul - did the US Sci-fi channel ever give a reason why they changed the order, and did you protest? 

[16:12:47] <Righty> Mat - Paul sez "Networks do what networks do. Networks have never been known to listen to a protest" 

[16:00:38] <Righty> Be patient peeps, we are working our way through the questions slowly 

[16:01:01] <Rachel> Yes, everyone hold your questions for a second please  [16:01:07] <spike-e> your doing fine Righty we are so glad u r here!  [16:02:01] <Sci-Fi_UK> OK guyse, we're going to star winding up now.  [16:02:40] <Sci-Fi_UK> Big SORRY for the mess-up at Sci-Fi 

[16:02:57] <Sci-Fi_UK> At the moment I don't know what went wrong.  [16:03:47] <Sci-Fi_UK> However, if Lex, Paul and Michael are willing, we will hopefully reschedule a moderated chat in the not too distant future.  [16:02:52] <Morrow> i don't know how to 'wind' up, but tying is a completely different matter ;-) 

[16:03:21] <DarkTazz> Shit happens Scifi, atleast we were able to do it here  [16:03:24] <sadgeezer> :-) 

[16:03:36] <sadgeezer> with pineapple juice 

[16:03:43] <DarkTazz> excalty 

[16:03:48] <Mac> a hint for you SF_UK, Sod's Law. what ever can go wrong will go wrong. 

[16:03:51] <sadgeezer> you lucky girl! 

[16:03:59] <Morrow> and the pineapple over at scifi just ain't as fresh  [16:04:10] Amyzon giggles 

[16:04:11] <sadgeezer> LOL@Morrow 

[16:04:23] <Briseis> Been lovely having you here Lex, Paul and Michael... please come visit our humble home anytime you wish :) 

[16:04:25] <DarkTazz> SG your just jealous 

[16:04:34] <sadgeezer> ;-)) 

[16:04:39] Dragonfly huggles Lex, Paul andMichael 

[16:04:41] <sadgeezer> NewKate is typoing :-(( 

[16:04:51] <Milk-Boy> thank you very much righty & co. :) 

[16:05:05] Dragonfly huggles Michael again just for fun :))) 

[16:05:16] <Lexxbabe> Yeah, thanks for coming :)

 [16:05:19] <DarkTazz> Thanks guys great to see yah here :) 

[16:05:22] <IMF2000> good luck on insperation for episodes well into the future! :) 

[16:05:27] <Dragonfly> thanks guys, your the best :) 

[16:05:50] <chic> bye guys, must've been the bugs... 

[16:05:54] Milk-Boy waves to all the ppls 

[16:06:07] del smiles and waves 

[16:06:12] Baggypants waves and floats about 

[16:09:58] <Sci-Fi_UK> Thanks Lex, Paul and Michael - you've been wonderful to cooperate with the technical hitches. 

[16:14:22] <Righty> Thanks one and all, it was a slice 

[16:14:27] <Righty> Ciao 

[16:14:38] <Rachel> Sorry about the technical glitches guys ... thanks for the chat 

[16:14:42] Luthien waves:) 

[16:14:49] Luthien thanx too:) 

[16:15:30] Righty [] has left #lexx[]