Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff and

                             Michael McManus


                             Lexoriffic: This is Lex and Paul


                             ChatMod: Michael?


                             Lexoriffic: Yup


                             MichaelMcManus: I can type -- but I'm also experimenting with

                             logging on through javachat.


                             ChatMod: Cool!


                             ChatMod: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Patrizia

                             DiLucchio for SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to tell you that the wait

                             is over! Beginning tomorrow night SCIFI will be airing

                             never-before-seen episodes of the SCI FI Original series Lexx.


                             ChatMod: In anticipation of the return of Lexx, tonight wešre

                             pleased to be chatting with the


                             showšs executive producer Paul Donovan, head writer Lex

                             Gigeroff, and star Michael McManus, better known as Kai.

                             Between them these guys have won more awards than we can



                             ChatMod: So...First question


                             ChatMod: <Rowanmay> to <ChatQ>: I would like to know if the

                             name of Giggarotta was a play on Lex's last name?


                             MichaelMcManus: Yes, it was.


                             MichaelMcManus: Whenever they were desperate for names,

                             they would always use Lex's names --


                             MichaelMcManus: because he has a good name.


                             ChatMod: A question for Michael


                             ChatMod: <Davie-84-> to <ChatQ>: Mr McManus: What was

                             the most memorable experience that you've had in filming the

                             many seasons of Lexx?


                             MichaelMcManus: Getting my hair cut on the last day of



                             MichaelMcManus: It was a fantastic experience to be done on

                             65 hours of cable television.


                             MichaelMcManus: Coming through!


                             ChatMod: Next question...


                             ChatMod: <CorpusCallosum> to <ChatQ>: What was the

                             original inspiration for Lexx?


                             Lexoriffic: Karl - I have my crack pipe right here


                             Lexoriffic: Okay - I'll call you a crack whore


                             Lexoriffic: ga


                             Lexoriffic: You tell me


                             MichaelMcManus: I think it was some kind of stoned meeting

                             between Paul Donavan & Lex Gigeroff -- but you'd have to ask



                             KarlSCIFI: welcome back paul and lex


                             Lexoriffic: Hello


                             MichaelMcManus: You'd also have to ask Lex how to spell his

                             last name.


                             Lexoriffic: Better now


                             ChatMod: Next question...


                             ChatMod: <Tyrannosaur> to <ChatQ>: To Mr. McManus>

                             There's a rumor going around that there's going to be a spin-off

                             of LEXX. Are you goingto be in it by any chance?


                             MichaelMcManus: I've heard that rumor -- and I won't be in it.

                             No chance.


                             MichaelMcManus: It's just a rumor. No I've done my time in the

                             wig andthe rumor will have to wait for the ratings after the next

                             14 episodes.


                             MichaelMcManus: At the END of those 14 shows, my answer

                             will be more clear.


                             ChatMod: Everybody wants to know why there are no LEXX

                             action figures?


                             MichaelMcManus: I think they have to ask the company that has

                             the license to market them -- that would be a Paul question.


                             Lexoriffic: PD: We're working on anatomically correct blow-up



                             MichaelMcManus: Anatomically correct blow-up dolls of the

                             producing team, naturally.


                             MichaelMcManus: Personally, I find the absence of Lexx figures

                             oddly ... comforting.


                             ChatMod: <Mirazh> to <ChatQ>: Lex, what inspired you so

                             much with the relationship between insects and humans? There

                             seems to be no other aliens in the Lexx saga.


                             Lexoriffic: There's lotsa bugs in this universe... come over some

                             time and I'll show you


                             ChatMod: <StunnerLuver4> to <ChatQ>: Please someone tell

                             me what the H in Stan's name stands




                             MichaelMcManus: Ahh!


                             MichaelMcManus: I have no idea.


                             Lexoriffic: We're not sure whether the "H" is "Hirsute" or "Heroin"


                             MichaelMcManus: I have a question for you: Did anyone see

                             Brian or Stanley Tweedle at the sci fi convention in Los Angeles?


                             ChatMod: Now a really BIG question


                             ChatMod: <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: What motivated the decision

                             to change Xev's hair from RED to BLOND?


                             MichaelMcManus: That's a Paul question if I ever heard one.


                             Lexoriffic: Three thousand years in the cooler does strange

                             things to hair - ga


                             Lexoriffic: As Michael will tell you - ga


                             ChatMod: STATION IDENTIFICATION:


                             ChatMod: <MadamCod> to <ChatQ>: To Paul, Michael and

                             Lex....Hi there...Brian Downey had Lexoriffic: PD: Yes


                             MichaelMcManus: It was my muscular masculinity that

                             impressed the locals.


                             MichaelMcManus: Those things are hard to drive -- the torque

                             is unbelievable.


                             ChatMod: <CorpusCallosum> to <ChatQ>: How long does it

                             take to write or produce an epsiode?


                             Lexoriffic: Forty-four minutes and thirty seconds - plus a little

                             post production per episode


                             ChatMod: <WilliamsXev> to <ChatQ>: So, whose idea was it to

                             have 790 fall for Kai?


                             Lexoriffic: Thr 790- Kai idea came from Chris Bould - an

                             "English" director ... ga


                             ChatMod: <LiannaX> to <ChatQ>: Now that fliming for Lexx is

                             over, what other kinds of projects do you hope to try?


                             Lexoriffic: LG: I'm hoping to get a call back for the Zsa Zsa

                             Gabor story


                             Lexoriffic: As the lead, natch


                             Lexoriffic: Dahhhhhhlinkkkk...


                             ChatMod: <Identity6> to <ChatQ>: Michael, do you think you

                             will be doing any American Movies inthe future, or do you hope



                             MichaelMcManus: It would be lovely but I think it's very long

                             odds that anything like that would happen.


                             MichaelMcManus: Right now, that's what I think.


                             MichaelMcManus: But it would, of course, be lovely.


                             ChatMod: <MissJean> to <ChatQ>: Paul, in your last chat, you

                             mentioned a Renaissance project Lexoriffic:Lexoriffic: PD: I'm

                             going to Italy in April


                             ChatMod: <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: Who's idea was it to have the

                             LEXX blow up Disney World? Did


                             someone have a bad experience there as a child?


                             Lexoriffic: PD: actually it was as an adult - ga


                             MichaelMcManus: I'm not implicated in that at all. I am



                             ChatMod: <greencolleen> to <ChatQ>: I'd like to know how

                             Micheal keeps a straight face during


                             some of those really incredible sceanes, like Xev fiddling with his



                             MichaelMcManus: If they hadn't thrown out all of the outtakes,

                             one could easily see that I don't always keep a straight face.

                             Although I'm not bad.


                             ChatMod: <Pandora> to <ChatQ>: A lot of Lexx fans are

                             freaks...goodness knows I'M thankful thatmy bangs cover up that

                             3rd eye on my forehead. ;) Did having such a fan-base challenge

                             you to push the envelope with the writing/producing of the



                             Lexoriffic: What's so weird about a third eye?


                             ChatMod: <harrisw> to <ChatQ>: How did Brian handle the

                             "Fluffer" scene? I bet there where someterrific outtakes.


                             Lexoriffic: Brian couldn't take his hands off Jeff Hirschfield when

                             the camera was not rolling...


                             ChatMod: <rotgut> to ChatMod:: Lex, how many ship designs

                             did you go through till you picked Lexoriffic: 69


                             ChatMod: <Lunatic> to ChatMod:: to the Lexx and Paul : will

                             there ever be a special with all the funny outtakes from the Lexx ?


                             Lexoriffic: PD: in the DVDs, yes...


                             MichaelMcManus: That's another way to get money out of sci fi



                             ChatMod: As per previous chats, a pressing question tonight is:

                             Where did the idea for "violating carrots" come from?


                             Lexoriffic: PD: Alex Busby - head of special effects - and he has

                             'unvresolved issues' with




                             ChatMod: Praxilla> to <ChatQ>: Some folks would like to know

                             if Mr. McManus has found new


                             management yet?


                             MichaelMcManus: The idea came from the usual theme of anal



                             MichaelMcManus: I've turned out to be unmanageable.


                             ChatMod: <LeahElla21> to <ChatQ>: Just a comment on what

                             Michael said about getting money from us. A lot of us women

                             would pay a fortune for him.


                             * MichaelMcManus laughs


                             MichaelMcManus: Wow. How much is a fortune?


                             MichaelMcManus: I may head back this way when I'm broke.


                             ChatMod: <Koudelka-1> to ChatMod:: <koudelka> to

                             <ChatQ>: Micheal are you going to do more plays


                             MichaelMcManus: Yes, I am going to do more plays. And as

                             soon as possible.


                             ChatMod: <Crystal> to <ChatQ>: being very new to lexx and

                             not knowing a lot about, why was there a diffrence in personality

                             between Eva Habermann and Xena Seeburg as Xev


                             Lexoriffic: They didn't respond to the high voltage treatment in

                             the same way - ga


                             ChatMod: A lot of people are asking if any of you will be

                             attending fan conventions this year? And if so where?


                             MichaelMcManus: I have no plans to attend fan conventions

                             this year.


                             Lexoriffic: We'll be at the Woodside Tavern in Dartmouth for

                             most of the year - ga


                             ChatMod: <maya> to <ChatQ>: for micheal, Did you do your

                             own research for your scene in




                             MichaelMcManus: It was a collaborative effort.


                             ChatMod: <Maritas> to <ChatQ>: Please Mr. McManus if it's

                             true that he's going to be playing a part in a movie of the book

                             "The Power of Dr. Del"


                             MichaelMcManus: My people are still waiting for the contract

                             negotiations to get un-stalled.


                             ChatMod: <DarkPrince> to ChatMod:: Why did you make Vlad a

                             women, and why did she want to kill Kai?


                             Lexoriffic: We couldn't find a guy who could squeeze into the

                             bustier. And she's from Finland...


                             ChatMod: <StunnerLuver4> to <ChatQ>: Lex: Do you act

                             anything like Dr. Rainbow in real life?


                             Lexoriffic: N-n-n-n-n-n-n- sometimes....


                             ChatMod: <DawnofB3K> to ChatMod:: Hi Michael ,Paul and Lex I

                             think u r such amazing men, Paul and Lex what made u think up

                             such a creative show as Lexx?


                             Lexoriffic: There''s lotsa creative minds at the Woodside Tavern


                             ChatMod: <WilliamsXev> to ChatMod:: Lexx has some stuff that

                             some people find offensive. Has


                             that ever been a problem in dealing with networks?


                             Lexoriffic: Not this network fortunately


                             Lexoriffic: What do y'all mean by redneck?


                             ChatMod: <omardigs> to ChatMod:: Is what Brian said true

                             about there being a lexx spin-off of Lexx in the future.


                             Lexoriffic: That's up to the network


                             ChatMod: <Nimboho> to <ChatQ>: I was having an argument

                             with one my college tutors a few days


                             ago, as he seems to think he saw Lexx 20 years ago in Germany,

                             Is he totaly metal, or was the concept for Lexx based on a similar

                             tv show?


                             Lexoriffic: Lexx played first in Germany about five years ago -

                             but we like to think of the show as an homage to "Space Precinct"


                             ChatMod: Paul, Lex, Michael. Our hour is over. Thanks for

                             logging on. We'll all be watching


                             tomorrow night. And to our audience, thanks for your myriad of

                             questions! We'll open the floor in a moment


                             MichaelMcManus: Good bye to you all and thanks for having

                             me online.


                             Lexoriffic: Danke - Tschuss -