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 Salter Street Offices with

 Michael McManus August 18, 1999






    Session Start: Wed Aug 18 09:56:06 1999

    DCC Chat session

     Acknowledging chat request...

     DCC Chat connection established-




     <Tazz> guess who's here?

     * drdelilah looks and smiles

     <Kai> greetings...

     <drdelilah> Hello Kai.....do come in

     <Kai> i am already in

     <drdelilah> you might want to change the nick:)

     <Kai> ...?

     <drdelilah> type /nick Kai or Michael if you like

     <Kai> ...ah

     <Kai> \me

     <Kai> ah hm

     * /me: insufficient parameters

     * drdelilah is very patient woman:))

     * Kai walks in to the room and says "greetings"

     * /nick: insufficient parameters

     * drdelilah takes Kai...who is 'pretending' to be Tazzy at the moment...and leads him to the

     coucchair..."Have a seat Kai":))

     * drdelilah inwardly turns handstands and thinks..."oooooohhhh.... my lovely Brunnen

     Gumdrop...you're finally here...yummmyyyy!:))))

     <drdelilah> So.....what do you plan to tell me about today Kai?

     * drdelilah smiles encouragingly and waits....

     <Kai> I am here...

     <Kai> because YOU wanted me to be

     * Kai shifts slightly

     <drdelilah> I've noticed that about you....you're rather....obliging...for a dead man:)

     <drdelilah> tell me all about yourself

     <Kai> got a couple of years...

     <Kai> anything you particularly want to know

     <drdelilah> alright.....why don't you talk about your current situation ....with Stanley....and Xev..

     <Kai> the 'current' situation is much the same as the previous situation...

     <Kai> we are still managing to avoid finding a home outside of the lexx...

     <drdelilah> and......any thoughts on that Kai?

     <Kai> in a safe place for the living so I cannot yet realise my desire(?!) to fall into a blacl hole

     somewhere and finally get a little completion

     <drdelilah> your.....desire?

     <drdelilah> mmmhmmmmm....

     <Kai> i use the word ironically

     <drdelilah> :)

     <drdelilah> so....what do you plan to do Kai....in order to bring that completion???

     <Kai> say, for example, a moon has desire for a planet and revolves around it

     <drdelilah> I mean.....you're quite capable of action as we've seen...what are you waiting for?

     <Kai> ....nothing

     <Kai> I am capable of affinities.

     <drdelilah> and your affinities are ......?

     * drdelilah listens

     <Kai> ----the highest 'bidder', if you get my drift.

     * drdelilah smiles and nods for Kai to elaborate on that

     * drdelilah gazes at Kai, eyes glazing slightly thinking ~you're lips are sooooo


     <Kai> eg recently I was in the shower with a naked young woman and unlike zev she is not

     uncomfortable trespassing on my valuable space so I have to some extent hadn experience of


     <drdelilah> in reverse......very interesting.....could you say more about that?

     <Kai> well, a man sees only what he wants to see as the song says, and perhaps in some cases that

     goes double for women.

     * drdelilah knows quite a few lexxbabes who are *very* interested in the subject of necrophilia

     * Kai looks down to casually check his protoblood

     <drdelilah> Why did you do that Kai?

     <Kai> I always 'like' to be prepared...

     <drdelilah> and how is the supply?

     * drdelilah fortunately had the foresight to lay in a huge supply so that she can make sure Kai is


     <Kai> adequate for normal purposes

     <drdelilah> normal purposes.....what would that include Kai?

     <Kai> you would perhaps be more interested in what that wouldn't include.

     * Kai cocks head

     <drdelilah> I'm interested in everything you have to say Kai:)

     <drdelilah> for example....

     <Kai> an extended journey would be out of the question

     <drdelilah> I'm interested in what we've been told about your dealings with the Time Prophet.

     <Kai> question away

     <drdelilah> about...cycles of time....repeating...???

     <drdelilah> could you say what you know about that...or what you suspect...

     <Kai> they do repeat, yes...

     <Kai> and according to the time prophet the cycle is so long that I am even in my dead and

     artificially prolonged life only on a small part of he curve of the circle, so small that it seems like a

     straight line

     * drdelilah nods and chews her lip imperceptibly...

     <drdelilah> I see....and the Brunnen-G?

    * Kai wonders how far she is capable of going

     <drdelilah> they survived a long time didn't they?

     <Kai> not really

     <Kai> probably not much longer than humans will

     <drdelilah> well then.....since you're the last of your race....and the cycle of time is to

     repeat.....doesn't that require that the Brunnen-G race be re-established at some point?

     * drdelilah thinks ~I'd be really, really interested in helping you with that little problem!~

     * drdelilah smiles blandly

     <Kai> not really.

     <drdelilah> oh?

     * Kai nods slightly for no reason

     <drdelilah> and why not Kai?

     <Kai> because by the time the cycle repeats the meaning of time and the fact that it doesn't exist

     will not have become any clearer

     <Kai> circles are unfathomable

     * drdelilah nods..."I see.....but...doesn't the repetition imply that it will be the same?"

     <drdelilah> occur in the same manner I mean

     <Kai> not at all. when it is the same it can only be exactly the same when there is zero awareness of

     the repitition

     <drdelilah> that sounds like you believe there may not be 'zero awareness' in the next repetition.....

     <drdelilah> what did you mean then when you said things won't have become any clearer in the

     next cycle?

     * drdelilah admires Kai's hands while he's formulating his reply

     <Kai> oh no, i have no doubt whatsoever that when the cycle repeats not only will I not be aware of

     it, but the repetition will be preceded by the anihilation of awareness so that even if you tried really

     hard to remember your awareness would go through a door it didn't fit through and would of

     necessity be left behind.

     <Kai> that's a little sentimental

     <drdelilah> what is a little sentimental Kai?

     <Kai> my attempt to clear up your problem re the cycles o time re awareness <drdelilah>

     yes....you're right......that's rather interesting .... your behaviour sometimes appears rather at odds

     with your assertions about your...lack of emotion and motivation....don't you think?

     * Kai checks to make sure he hasn't lost the squawker

     * drdelilah looks enquiringly at Kai..."Is there a problem Kai?"

     <Kai> well...being dead, if I can be expansive about it, is rich in the experience of affinity. i i am

     approached wih great violence I amy appear as a reflection of that emotion and so on.

     <Kai> that would apply to love as well. doktor.

     * drdelilah looks speculatively at Kai....."love.....mmmhmmmmm"

     * drdelilah smiles

     * drdelilah squirms imperceptibly in her chair ~not we

     * Kai gets that look that lets you know he's FINALLY figured out what's going on

     <drdelilah> oops

     <drdelilah> ~now we're getting somewhere~

     <Kai> we are?

     <drdelilah> ~holy makeral...is a bloody mind reader too?~

     * drdelilah tries to control herself a little better

     <drdelilah> Do you have any....thoughts....about *love* Kai?

     <Kai> ...the thing is, if you are understandable, I will appear to understand but even that mAY only

     be an affinity.

     <drdelilah> Tell me about your *affinities* Kai

     <Kai> they are defined to a large extent by the aggressiveness of others, much like the 'limitations'

     discovered by the living

     * drdelilah debates whether it is too early to get *aggressive* with Kai

     <drdelilah> ummm....how would you define aggressiveness Kai?

     <drdelilah> :)

     <Kai> but to cu to the chase, you will be beter able to write a manual after the next season on how

     to make love to the dead man for girls and boys

     <drdelilah> I've noticed a certain aggressiveness in you sometimes....quick to raise the brace.....but

     slow to shoot....?

     <Kai> re aggressiveness: the slow simmer is definitely correct brace conduct

     * drdelilah giggles at that and just has to agree!

     * drdelilah specializes in slow simmer!

     <drdelilah> hehehe

     <Kai> I specialized at one time in killing people by slowly simmering my brace and then by quickly

     lopping their heads off

     * drdelilah gulps

     <Kai> and if i can simmer in other ways I have to say the ...person, has not appeared who can make


     <drdelilah> I understand you've run people through....as well?;)

     <Kai> in a pinch, certainly I have

     <drdelilah> you're very versatile:)

     * Kai appears to be taciturn--ing(?)

     <drdelilah> do you ever kill.......sloooowly?

     * drdelilah thinks about what that might feel like

     <Kai> I kill......efficiently. but i could perhaps kill slowly if their was a need to.

     <Kai> most people actually prefer to die quickly

     <drdelilah> Kai you have many memories.......from many people...as well as your own ...any that

     recur repeatedly in your concious state?

     <Kai> they all occur in a continuous flux. but I have many memories and pay very little attention to


     * drdelilah wonders if she should give Kai an injection of..pine..er...protoblood

     * Kai perks up

     <Kai> there is a time when the memories are strongest

     <drdelilah> and when is that Kai?

     <Kai> that is when new protoblod is being injected

     * drdelilah decides to give Kai a bloody walloping dose of protoblood and hope that some of his

     memories will be striking!

     <drdelilah> anything coming up Kai???

     <Kai> up...?

     <drdelilah> um....we could discuss whatever comes up you know

     <drdelilah> don't be shy....oh that's right, you're dead....the dead aren't shy

     <Kai> not in the normal sense, but you may have noticed that the dead also do not go running

     around half naked on a friday night prefeing to sleep away their week-end in a nice cozy


     * Kai turns away slighly, almost shyly

     <drdelilah> I've noticed that the *ded* don't do most of the things that you do!

     <drdelilah> oops dead

     <Kai> and...?

     * drdelilah notices Kai turning away...and moves her chair over so she can get a better look

     <drdelilah> umm....something happening there Kai?

     <Kai> I do not understand

     * drdelilah thinks ~is that what I think it is....I certainly hope so!~

     <Kai> ah...

     * Kai pulls out squawker to clarify, shifting it to his back pocket

     <drdelilah> yes...nothing like having your squawker in the ... right place

     * drdelilah can think of a place....

     * Kai can see the only place dr can think of

     * drdelilah breaks role play for a minute..."hahahahahahah!... you know....

     this log is going to look pretty damn funny with Tazz' moniker in here!!!"

     <drdelilah> ahem

     * Kai wonders what she is talking about as she is logging correctly here

     * drdelilah decides Kai will never do anything...unless he gets a direct suggestion....and even then

     he can be a little slow..

     <drdelilah> Kai...you started off by saying that your *desire* is to help Stan and Xev find a safe

     planet and the drop into oblivion...right?

     * Kai simmers

     <drdelilah> well...I have a suggestion about that...

     <Kai> that is correct

     <drdelilah> alright....now...Xev is forever getting all of you into the most dangerous

     predicaments....in her endless quest for sexual fulfillment ....but she wants YOU!

     <drdelilah> isn't that correct?

     <Kai> yes

     <Kai> would you like me to explain that

     <drdelilah> alright...well...now, I know your sex organ hasn't functioned for 2000 years...(I'm

     working on that)

     <drdelilah> yes..sure explain please

     <Kai> over 6000 years now, give or take a few decades

     * drdelilah remembers something about 3000 yrs of cryosleep

     <drdelilah> whats a few millenia?

     <drdelilah> go on:)

     <Kai> she wants me and continues to want me because she can't have me

     <drdelilah> hehehe...well, have I got a solution for YOU!

     <Kai> once you have something you can't want it anymore

     <drdelilah> yes, precisely!

     <Kai> that's very much like what it is to be dead

     <Kai> to have everything

     <drdelilah> well then which is it?? you have everything...and by virtue of that can just go on *being*

     as you are....or you wanna drop into a black hole???

     * drdelilah looks at Kai with questioning eyes

     <Kai> you are correct, if you add completion to your inquiry I think all yr question marks will

     disappear into cyber-space

     <Kai> eg eventually a star will burn out...etc

     * drdelilah is quite sure Kai is the most frustrating but adorable patient she's ever had....er...well, not


     * Kai contemplates the idea of the patien docto relationship

     * drdelilah tries a different tack..."Kai...you seem quite...protective of Xev and Stanley

     sometime....well, often actually"

     * drdelilah fortunately can't read her patient's minds

     <Kai> i am attached to them the way a stamp collector is attached to stamps

     <drdelilah> Kai? Elaborate please?

     * Kai : is that a smile?

     <drdelilah> :)

     <Kai> they were my mercy project and beyond any ability to predict outcomes or incomes, I am

     simply attached to them because they were there when something happened

     <drdelilah> so...hmmm...if I had been there....you'd be attached to me?

     <drdelilah> hehe

     <drdelilah> and are you the collector....or the stamp?

     * Kai nods his assent to that proposition

     * drdelilah thinks Kai acts more like a stamp sometimes

     * drdelilah wouldn't mind Kai being glued to her though

     * Kai begins to look more and more like a stamp

     * Kai wonders about licking stamps

     * drdelilah is laughing pretty hard inside right now

     * drdelilah maintains her bland exterior..."well...Kai, as I was starting to say...."

     <drdelilah> Since Xev keeps putting herself in harms' way.....it might be an idea for you to satisfy

     her urges...and then you wouldn't have to waste time going to dangerous planets...

     * Kai considers the cycles of chit chat

     <drdelilah> and since you have a functioning tongue (and don't need to breathe) and hands...I'm

     sure it would be quite fun for her...

     <Kai> she does not want her urges to be satisfied, doktor

     * drdelilah thinks Kai didn't get any female memories probably

     <drdelilah> well.....have you asked her that directly???

     <drdelilah> I seem to remember her telling you very clearly...she wanted to do *it* with you

     <Kai> did YOU belive her?

     * drdelilah nods emphatically

     <drdelilah> ~I could relate~

     <Kai> do you think her idea of me can withstand the act of necrophilia?

     <drdelilah> ~oh crikey...now he's gonna ask serious stuff!~

     <drdelilah> what do you think her idea of you is Kai?

     <Kai> or don't you agree that she is a 'nice' girl

     <drdelilah> ~besides what's a little necrophilia to the Beans~

     <Kai> house in the burbs, trout stream, three kids in rapid succession, that sort of thing

     <drdelilah> if that were the case Kai....don't you think she'd focus on Stanley?

     <Kai> huh?

     * Kai recomposes

     <drdelilah> well...Stanley *is* alive

     <Kai> in a way

     <Kai> one way, dead END

     * drdelilah looks at Kai....~awwww....Stanley is very cute~

     <Kai> he could be the man for you dok

     <drdelilah> ~and he has a much better libido than you...unfortunately~

     <Kai> dogs that bark don't bite

     * drdelilah seems to remember STanley taking a wee bite out of Sissy

     * Kai remembers not being there at the time

     * drdelilah also remembers something curious about Xev and STan doing something ....and Kai

     coming up with an incredibly....awkward explanation about why Xev was still 'technically' a virgin

     <drdelilah> Kai....do you remember your own life at all clearly?

     <drdelilah> or is it all mixed up with other people's memories?

     <Kai> i remember my living life with great clarity but my dead life is phazed in my memories with

     the other memories i have acquired.

     <drdelilah> were you married? any children?

     <drdelilah> or did you have a love?

     <Kai> two kids, seperated

     <Kai> I was a bit of an idealogue in my life life and you might even say a bit of a bastard

     <drdelilah> a bastard? in what way Kai?

     <Kai> I maintained certain beliefs which went against the grain of my society

     <drdelilah> yes....I seem to recall something about that...got you into trouble

     <Kai> marriage is an institution of social control and con at times of vulnerability appear to be part

     of a terrible oppression. but I suspect that you know all about that, doktor

     * drdelilah is mildly confused, having been thinking of Kai sitting in jail, condemned by his people

     <drdelilah> know about?

     <drdelilah> vulnerability? oppression?

     <drdelilah> social control?

     <Kai> unhappiness in relationships.

     <drdelilah> ahhh....well, yes I know some things about that

     <Kai> care to elaborate?

     <Kai> :)

     <drdelilah> I was just going to ask if you wanted to say something about being unhappy in a

     relationship Kai

     <drdelilah> :)

     <Kai> :(

     <Kai> I do not have wants. Doktor

     <drdelilah> so you've said Kai:)

     <drdelilah> why do you look sad then?

     <Kai> that is merely a consequence of not looking happy

     <drdelilah> :|

     <drdelilah> like so then?

     <Kai> that's about it

     <drdelilah> @~:|>

     <drdelilah> hehe

     <drdelilah> that's your facial expression now?

     * drdelilah secretly thinks Kai is fibbing time now

     <Kai> my expression at this moment is like a shirt hanging on a clothes line in the tuscan breeze

     <drdelilah> er...I've never been there....is it windy there?

     <Kai> breezy. dok.

     * drdelilah is pretty breezy too

     * drdelilah has to go soon...:((

     * Kai has no problem with that

     * Kai :|

     <drdelilah> Michael.....thanks for coming online....I enjoyed talking to you

     <Kai> ciaou

     <drdelilah> ciao :)

     <Kai> sp

     <Kai> thnx

     * drdelilah gives Michael a great big huggle

    <drdelilah> come again sometime:)

     * Kai wanders off through the throngs of the unwell

     * drdelilah waves to whomever is sitting around in the virtual office...and scampers off to RW


     DCC session closed